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[1] - Loot will be distributed via /roll's and also at the discretion of the officers.
[2] - BoE's all go to the guild bank where members can purchase them for a much cheaper price then said items market value. Trialee's will NOT be given this privilege.
[3] - The guild bank will supply enchants and gems to raid members only for items that are quality enough to have them, this will be decided again at the discretion of the officers.

Members and our expectations

[1] - Our image is important and we do not tolerate anyone tarnishing it, so naturally we expect our members to not recklessly insult people, to not ninja, to not spam trade and other embarresing acts, if you are not sure on what your doing in regards to guild image, simply ask an officer and I am sure they can clarify.
[2] - Constructive criticism: As you will know soon enough, I tell people how it is. If you are in anyway a "delicate flower" and cannot handle being told where you need to improve then you will not last.
[3] - Every raid member must understand that if there is gear that you need outside of raid zones e.g. rep, heroic or crafted that you should be working toward it.
[4] - We are still a progression guild which means that we are taking our strongest 10 members. Dont take this to heart and think you will never get to raid again, it merely means that you should be working hard to improve your gear, studying your rotations to improve and seal your spot in the next raid. NOTE if you are trialing and you are not invited to a raid do not assume that means you have been denied. You will still be trialing and you should know that we will be looking at how hard you work to improve in regards to items / rotations / specs.
[5] - Professions: For the moment we are not pushing this but when we start doing hardmodes we will be coming down hard on these, we expect that when it really matters people should have prof's with benefits on their mains, and by this we mean profs like inscription for shoulders, chanting for rings etc.

*NEW*Clumsy/Amateur Mistakes and the raid MVR

[1]An idea has formed among a few of the Officers, after each week of raids the officers will decide among each other who the stand out Most Valuable Raider was and that player will be awarded 500g from the guild bank. It will be decided around things like bringing your own food / flasks to raids, not making silly mistakes within the raids and displaying constant focus and effort.

Changes to these policies will occur as well as additions to it, be sure to check regularly


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