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Post  Admin on Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:38 pm

Copy and paste this template and fill it out accordingly also make the Title for the topic "Yourname - Class" thanks for applying to <God Tier>

About You
Location/Time Zone:
What would you like us to know about you?:

About your character
Character Name:
Character Class:
Current spec m/o:
Armory Link:
Link to your ingame Raiding UI(optional but encouraged):
Any name changes? if yes, what were they:
-Current Guild and current Server:
-Reason for wanting to leave or reason for leaving?:

-How did you hear about God Tier?:
-Why do you want to join God Tier?:
-Anyone you know in God Tier?:
-Any causes for constant AFK'ing?:
-We require you to be on Ventrilo for all raids, do you have a WORKING microphone?:

-What raiding experience do you have (in reference to cata 11/12 etc):
-Any additional comments you would like to make:

Thanks again for your application, it will be processed asap and someone will get back to you via either here or email. Best of luck

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