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Post  eugen3lk on Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:27 pm

About You
Name: Elky
Age: 23
Location/Time Zone: Melbourne
Play Times: Anytime
Computer: C2d, 2.66 ghz, 4gb ram, gtx 460
Internet Connection: 200-300 ping
What would you like us to know about you?:

About your character
Character Name: Elky
Character Class: Rogue
Current spec:(31/2/Cool
Professions:Lwing , Engi (both 525)
Armory Link: Elky
Link to your ingame Raiding UI:This is opinion
-Are you the original owner of this account/character? Any Name Changes?:
Original, Name changed, I used to be on Frostmourne

-We would really like to see what you can do, do you have any DPS/Healing logs to show us?
umm, average 12 k on dummies atm.

-Explain spec,gem choices and encants:

-Current Guild and current Server: Hot Aussie Blokes
-Reason for wanting to leave or reason for leaving?: Lost my core spot

-How did you hear about God Tier?: Trade
-Why do you want to join God Tier?: for Cata progression
-Anyone you know in God Tier?: No
-Any causes for constant AFK'ing?: umm perhaps a D/c
-We require you to be on Ventrilo for all raids, do you have a WORKING microphone?: Yes

-What raiding experience do you have (please go into detail): Wrath Baby, so.. Naxx, toc, uld, icc, etc. you can see on my armory.
-Tell us about one of your best instance/raid experiences: i guess completing naxx KT and winning calamitys grasp.
-Any comments you would like to make: thats it for now. thanks


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Post  Kirby on Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:19 pm

Unfortunately at this point, we are unable to accept your application as a raider.
We can put you in as a member and you will be asked to fill-in when short, but other then that there is no core position for you.



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