350 DK Tank - Hobbgobb / 345 ele/resto Sham - Hydropwnics

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350 DK Tank - Hobbgobb / 345 ele/resto Sham - Hydropwnics Empty 350 DK Tank - Hobbgobb / 345 ele/resto Sham - Hydropwnics

Post  HobbGobb on Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:15 pm

About You
Name: David
Age: 24
Location/Time Zone: SD, CA , PST
Play Times: 10pm server +++
Computer: ASUS g50 vxt1
Internet Connection: fine
What would you like us to know about you?:

About your character
Character Name: Hobbgobb
Character Class: Death Knight
Current spec: Blood 33/6/2
Professions: mining/herbs
Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/hobbgobb/advanced
Link to your ingame Raiding UI: I can make a list or send screen shots if needed, my UI is a bunch of random add-ons

Character Name: Hydropwnics
Character Class: Shaman
Current Spec: ele 34/7/0
Professions: Herb/Alch
Armory Link:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/hydropwnics/advanced

-Are you the original owner of this account/character? Any Name Changes?: These are my toons and they have moved across a few servers following around RL friends, we're back to where they started and I dont plan on going anywhere else.

-We would really like to see what you can do, do you have any DPS/Healing logs to show us?

-Explain spec,gem choices and enchants: Right now I'm specd into Crimson Scourge, only because I've been Heroic grinding and it makes controlling mass mobs and also helps a lot with the aoe dps out put. I Plant to switch those pts over to aboms might or possibly endless winter for the interrupts if they become a problem at all. all my my enchants are basic tanking enchants, not relaly much to explain there, Jems are basicly filling in missing stats for expertiese/avoidance/mastery etc, dodge and parry have the same rating and diminish at the same pace, so I reforge them with each other to = out their % as much as possible. I try to stack as much mastery as possible for the blood shield, my expertise is high enough that threat is never an issue.

-Current Guild and current Server: RC Gaming / Blackrock
-Reason for wanting to leave or reason for leaving?: conflicting schedules

-How did you hear about God Tier?: Trade Spam
-Why do you want to join God Tier?: prefect raid times
-Anyone you know in God Tier?: negative
-Any causes for constant AFK'ing?: again negative
-We require you to be on Ventrilo for all raids, do you have a WORKING microphone?: yessum

-What raiding experience do you have (please go into detail): I've been raiding since vanilla, everything from MC to BT, SWP, ICC etc, I have little raid EXP in Cata, although I am a smart tank I don't have achievements so groups are impossible to find. I am dedicated, I just had a late start on this expansion due to being in Iraq. I will learn the fights and be on time for raids.
-Tell us about one of your best instance/raid experiences: the first time I ever ran Black Temple, I was a new recruit to a top guild on my old server and their tank was having issues so they asked me to help them out. I was the OT but still had a blast we ended up 1 shotting Illidan and the OH warglave dropped, it was a pretty epic moment because it was one of the 1st on our server.
-Any comments you would like to make: Like I said before I might not have a ton of experience in cata yet, but I have been doing this for awhile, my toon I tanked on originally was a druid (dks are retardedly easy imo to tank with in comparison) If you guys are willing to work with me, I will be reliable and on time and I feel within no time I'll have these raids down.


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350 DK Tank - Hobbgobb / 345 ele/resto Sham - Hydropwnics Empty Re: 350 DK Tank - Hobbgobb / 345 ele/resto Sham - Hydropwnics

Post  Shodaime on Wed Mar 09, 2011 6:19 pm

hello,i really like what i read in your appilication and would like to talk to u in game.pls message whenever u can and we can talk.


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