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Post  lfrodriguez702 on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:50 am

About You
Name: Luis Rodriguez
Age: 21
Location/Time Zone: Las Vegas, NV
Play Times: ANYTIME!
Computer: HP whatever whatever
Internet Connection:COX cable , fastest shit in the west !
What would you like us to know about you?: I have a life as well shit comes up , i play soccer wednesdays and sundays early sundays late wednesdays , i go out on the weekends sometimes the weekdays since i do not have a set schedule at my new job .

About your character: What about him ? lol naw i just Xferred here to blackrock with a few buddies of mine we were very close IRL friends along with the rest of our guild on Burning Blade server . start up of cataclysm well after hittin 85 i was having some DPS problems and it was very bad considering in LK end game content shadow priest including me were RIPPIN SHIT!!
Character Name: Shadowspellz
Character Class: Priest
Current spec:(09/00/32)
Professions: 525 Tailoring , 525 Skinning , 125 Archaeology
Armory Link:
Link to your ingame Raiding UI:This is opinion
-Are you the original owner of this account/character? Any Name Changes?: Yes i am the OG owner , i server Xferred and changed my name tho it used to be Yowhoshealz , but i changed it to shadowspellz my OG mains name from back in the day . i miss my DEMO/DESTRO LOCK so i renamed him with his name.

-We would really like to see what you can do, do you have any DPS/Healing logs to show us? N/A see in game

-Explain spec,gem choices and encants: SCREW an enchant they are too expensive but im workin on em , but currently after being hit capped of course i gem and reforge for HASTE and CRIT cause i like to burn shit fast !!

-Current Guild and current Server: GOD TIER~~!!
-Reason for wanting to leave or reason for leaving?: previous guild did not include me in raids. i completely understand when i should be replaced in raids but not being able to come every week is a problem =/

-How did you hear about God Tier?: PUG raids asked if you guys were recruiting
-Why do you want to join God Tier?: Because we rapped shit together in PUG raids =]
-Anyone you know in God Tier?: Naht
-Any causes for constant AFK'ing?:NAH nothing really i dont usually go AFK at all cause i know it sucks when other ppl do
-We require you to be on Ventrilo for all raids, do you have a WORKING microphone?: GOT EM !

-What raiding experience do you have (please go into detail): ALRIGHT here we go , i started playing WOW around BC time so i didnt know much at all about raids n all that so i decided to try getting into pugs and doing so i learned more and more about my spec rotation ETC.. then i started going up on the DPS charts then started topping DPS charts in raids such as Gruuls Lair Mags lair , BT , ETC.. here comes LK i sell my account because i need the money so there goes my 80 LOCK and 80 Pally , so i make this new account with my shadow priest and DK Spriest being my new main . I join ENRAGED , RL guild friends and family not to mention i worked with half our guild !! and towards end game we smashed shit getting our 10m ICC drakes ETC>> i love the game wont stop playing and ill keep getting better along with helpin our guild progress and get bosses down =]
-Tell us about one of your best instance/raid experiences: probably getting my ICC 10m drake way pre CATA!
-Any comments you would like to make: LETS RAID!


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